Icy Roads

Oh La La!

Voici l’apocalypse – Pulse

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Many of us recall certain bands whose music struck a chord in our lives that somehow continues to resonate: those enduring musical bands whose unmistakable style could be recognised from the very first bars of a song, making each new album release a celebration and a happening, anticipated for months in advance.

Mihaiilin unites the talents of author, composer and singer. Its musical style is alternative rock, but the highly melodious quality of its songs may sometimes appear to be inspired by traditional pop.  Its musical creations tend, at times, to be progressive in the sense of gradually revealing elements that may not be evident on the first hearing. Its compositions are marked by constant variations of style.

Miali is the singer, guitarist and lyricist for the group. At college, she studied classical guitar and, briefly, the electric guitar and singing. Among musical artists, one of her great favourites is Satriani.

Simon is the bass player and keyboardist. He studied piano and bass at college. Among his many artistic influences, he cites his admiration for Tony Banks from Genesis, Geddy Lee from Rush, and Rick Davis from Supertramp.

Pulse is the drummer, percussionist and lyricist for the group. He spent one college session studying drumming and percussion, but his vision of drumming differed so much from what was being taught that he opted to strike out and forge a style of his own. His influences have been the music of Neil Peart, principally Rush, Steve Negus from Saga, Steve Gadd, Bill Bruford, and Martin Dellers.

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